RENO launches new website

2. Feb. 2015


As a result of the merger between Ardua Reno-FF and TCAA Trykluft Centret A/S, RENO’s new website has been launched

It has been a long time coming, but is now finally here: Reno's new website. This means that the merger between Ardua Reno-FF and TCAA Trykluft Centret A/S is now also visible online. It also means that the two previous websites, and are no longer active.

Clarity and simplicity above all
We want to make things easy for our customers and others who visit our website. Therefore, we hope that our new website will appear user friendly, and that it will be easy to get an overview of what we offer our customers.

Additionally, the site has got a visual boost which should help make the user experience both clear and welcoming when visiting

The product list is still available
In order to make sure that it is still very easy for our dealers to get an overview of what we offer, the new website links up to the usual product list. It is, however, still possible to contact us to place an order, as well as we are always ready to provide guidance and answer questions about our products.
There might still be some small adjustments and changes to the new website during the first time. Should anything - in the unlikely - not function optimally, we hope you will bear with us - we are probably working to solve the problem, and we apologize for any inconvenience this will cause. Otherwise, we would also be very thankful, if we were informed of any malfunctions on our website.