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Screw compressors - Ingersoll Rand (oil-free, low-pressure)

With an oil-free screw compressor from Ingersoll Rand, you do not have to worry about polluted air

The Ingersoll Rand oil-free screw compressors are some of the best and most energy efficient available. With its ISO 8573-1: 2001, Class 0-certification Ingersoll Rand is, furthermore, able to meet most needs within oil-free technology.

The L-series (low-pressure) are used in applications with pressure up to 3.5 bar. This ensures the end-user significant energy savings compared to using a 2-stage oil-free screw compressor. The L-series is often used in pneumatic transport of  granules, sweeteners, ash, etc. The series is also ideal for filter cleaning and chemical processes in which completely oil-free air is vital.