RENO A/S - a piece of Danish industrial history

The story begins in 1919, when S.P.M. Svendsen Smedeforretning (blacksmith business) was founded in Bjerringbro in the central part of Jutland. However, much has happened since then. Today, RENO is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of air compressors since 1952 and high-pressure cleaners since 1978. RENO thus bases its expertise on experience accumulated over nearly a lifetime.

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Ardua Reno-FF merges with TCAA Trykluft Centeret and the name changes to RENO A/S. The company is the biggest in the sector with its 60 employees and a turnover of more than 125 million DKK.

RENO-FF A/S merges with Ardua A/S and renames to Ardua Reno-FF A/S. Subsequently, the company achieves a position among the largest in Denmark within production and distribution of RENO and FF compressors, RENO high-pressure cleaners and Gardner Denver screw compressors.

FAST A/S and RENO A/S merges and renames to RENO-FF A/S.

Peter G. Madsen succeeds his father as the CEO of the company TCAA Trykluft Centeret, which is now a nationwide player within special and customized solutions based on Ingersoll Rand screw compressors and equipment.

FAST A/S buys the companies AIRTEC Trykluft and VN Trykluft.

FAST A/S buys the company FF Trykluft.

FAST A/S buys the company Kristian Andersen ApS.

The company FAST A/S is founded and buys the company FC Trykluft A/S.

Reno is turned into a limited company under the name of Reno A/S, and the production of Reno piston compressors is started for the purpose of export and sale through dealers.

Jørn Iversen founds the company Reno with a focus on production and sale of high-pressure cleaners.

Per Madsen buys Trykluftcenteret and founds the company TCAA Trykluft Centeret.

Bjerringbro Maskinfabrik splits up, and the business area with a focus on compressed air is established as an independent company under the name f.f. Luft A/S.

FC Trykluft is founded.

Trykluftcenteret is founded by Arne Poulsen.

Establishment of company structure and change of name into Bjerringbro Maskinfabrik A/S.

S.P.M. Svendsen Smedeforretning is founded in Bjerringbro.