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Customized solutions

We tailor efficient compressed air solutions

In many industrial enterprises, compressed air plays a major role for the efficiency of the daily operations. At RENO, we specialize in creating customized compressed air solutions that fit exactly in the task to be solved.

A compressed air solution - that is adequate to the task - ensures a much higher degree of efficiency, while also the operating and maintenance costs are kept at a minimum.

Great industry experience
At RENO, we have an extensive experience within development of special and customized solutions designed as industrial solutions, project sales, contracts or OEM. Our customers include a significant group of renowned Danish industrial companies. In addition, we contribute within product development and industrial design, as well as we are suppliers to OEMs and system suppliers.

Intelligent and cost effective solutions
We develop, advise and design in order to provide our customers with intelligent solutions. In addition, we do not only focus on minimizing the acquisition costs, but also the TCO – the "Total Cost of Ownership" of the investment.

Our solutions are guarantees:

  • High quality and reliability
  • Long life span
  • High level of service
  • Minimized energy and life cycle costs

6 steps to ensure efficiency
A customized compressed air installation from RENO is based on your company's specific needs and the project will go through a strict process based on 6 essential steps:

  1. Identification of needs
  2. Design and planning of installations
  3. Treatment of compressed air (filters, refrigerated air dryer, desiccant dryer, etc.)
  4. Distribution of compressed air (pipes, taps, etc.)
  5. The use of compressed air
  6. Optimization of energy consumption

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