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Breathing air analysis D. 5.1 and quality control ISO 8573-1

What does the compressed air actually consist of?

Compressed air is used in virtually all production companies and for many purposes. Compressed air drives for instance pneumatic tools, paint sprayers, cylinders and valves. The same compressed air is also used for breathing air – i.e. respiratory protection etc.

However, since the compressed air may also contain particles, oil, harmful gases, bacteria, molds etc. it is important to ensure, that the air is clean enough to be used as breathing air. That is why RENO performs quality testing of compressed air giving the company and the user a conclusive proof of the compressed air quality.

Additionally, we also offer quality analysis of compressed air for companies having even stricter requirements for the air quality.

RENO is certified to perform both analysis of breathing air in accordance with the Danish Working Environment’s guideline D.5.1 and quality analysis in accordance with ISO 8573-1. Which means that, our equipment is approved for this specific purpose as well as our service technicians are trained to perform these particular types of quality tests. The analysis are performed in cooperation with a recognized analytical laboratory.

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