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Mandatory inspection of air receivers

RENO puts safety first - even when it comes to air receivers

Air receivers - in connection with compressed air installations - cover the term "Pressure Equipment" according to Executive Order no. 100, when the product number is ≥ 1000. In that case, the air receiver belongs to control class B. The product number is calculated by the following formula: (The unloading pressure of the safety valve in bar) x (the volume in liters).


  • 8 bar x 125 liters = Product number 1000 ⇒ Control class B – i.e. inspection is mandatory
  • 12 bar x 83,3 liters = Product number 999,6 ⇒ Inspection is not mandatory

No air receivers belong to control class A.

Portable air receivers with a product number ≥ 1000 also cover by Executive Order no. 100 and belong to control class B.

Compressed air receivers must be inspected according to the instructions given by the manufacturer.

In addition, air receivers belonging to control class B need to:

  • be inspected before being put into service
  • have completed internal and external inspections every 48 months
  • have completed external inspection every 24 months

The above is carried out by RENO and our accredited partner.

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