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Service agreements

We provide customized service agreements

No matter the size or type of your compressed air installation or equipment, RENO always offers a professional service. We offer several types of service agreements - each with different time intervals, plans and prices.
As a service customer at RENO, you will get:

  • Evaluation tests and documentation on installation(s)
  • Recommendations for the optimization of operating costs
  • Preventive service and maintenance
  • Recommended inspection of compressors, refrigerated dryers, air receivers, filters, tubes and pneumatic tools
  • First priority in case of emergency
  • Access to a mobile compressor in case of unintentional stopping
  • Access to compressed air during service
  • Access to comprehensive skills and experience

On acquisition of new Ingersoll Rand compressors or air treatment devices, RENO offers the Select Care Program, which includes a 5-year warranty regardless of mileage hours – the best security available!

For further information - please contact our service division at +45 70 10 22 10 or